ECA BOOKS | 2007-5-22

Ghost Toast is 100 short stories that fit together in a mind-bending journey into your aunt's soul.

I had a dream about a tiny breeze. It is a humble mass of air smaller than that of the blue butterfly*

*The smallest butterfly in the world is the blue butterfly from Africa, which has only a 1/2 inch wingspan.

This tiny breeze moves with such dauntlessness and dedication, that many of the larger storm systems will cease their treacherous dealings for a moment to tip their caps to this valient draft. Although unable to knock down power lines or flood city streets, young, tiny breeze leaves his mark in his own way. Yesterday he spent the day blowing a twig off the sidewalk and today he has his sights set on something far more grand; he shall force a leaf to leave its comfy home on a tree.

The following statement may shock you, but it is 100% true;

The human body contains 147 brains. The one you are familiar with only serves one function; to keep you completely unaware of the other 146 brains and their actions.

There is one way, and one way alone to gain control of these mysterious 146 brains. A boy has just finished his daily paper route and has chosen an apple tree far outside of the limits of town to take a nap. A tiny breeze coming from straight above pricks the top leaf on the tree. As the leaf tears from itís home on the branch a brilliant white light bursts forth.

The sudden ability to use and understand your 147 brains can be a terrifying and extremely saddening experience. You will learn quite quickly that many of the things you have based your life on are false. The concept of love was created by brain #117 in the early 1100's as a form of entertainment for brain #72, who is the most evil of all brains. You have never been loved in your entire life. Below you will see the reality of your last love you thought you felt;

Mechanically the brain is billions of cells called neurons that can produce little bursts of electricity that can be passed from cell to cell. (Brain neurons are densely interconnected.) These bursts produce weak electric fields at the surface of the head that can be recorded, hence the EEG ("electro-encephalogram", Greek for recording (gram) of head (cephalus) electricity, aha.) Coarse features in the EEG are found to be related to broad categories of brain activity: larger, slowly-varying electric fields indicate sleep, smaller, faster-varying fields alertness.

These bursts of electricity passed from cell to cell have tricked you into sleepless nights about other brains currently being manipulated in a similar fashion. You have most likely cried over these bursts of energy. You have felt like nothing can harm you while these bursts explode back and forth in your brain. You have felt hopeful and hopeless, as brain # 72 enjoys the show.


Written within a womb of terror.


Released on: May 22, 2007
Release format: Book
Distribution: ECA In-House Distribution

© 2007 ECA Records.
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